Wilmington Acupuncture and Counseling Center offering Acupuncture, Counseling and Massage to the Wilmington,NC area.
Lumina Station: 1904 Eastwood Road - Suite 309, Wilmington, NC 28403 910-509-0444
Wilmington Acupuncture & Counseling Center
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Wilmington Acupuncture & Counseling Center was originally founded in 1994 as The Center for Complementary Healing Arts. It was the first multidisciplinary healing arts center in Southeastern NC and one of the first in the United States. This concept has caught on and is now thriving in Wilmington as well as nationally. The Center draws together independent holistic health care practitioners and expands the scope of integrative medicine available in our community. Our practitioners choose to work together in a cooperative environment sharing information and ideas which ultimately benefit our clients. The beautiful surroundings of Lumina Station and our close proximity to Wrightsville Beach support The Center's healing atmosphere and offer an extension to the treatment by affording opportunities to sit by the Lumina pond or walk on the beach following a session. The Center is owned and operated by Page Paterson, Elizabeth Sappenfield, and John Ormond.


Phone: 910 509 0444
Fax: 910 509 0449
Email: thecenter@ec.rr.com