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Dr. Kristen Patton Gibbs

DR. Patton Gibbs

Dr. Kristen Patton Gibbs is a Network Spinal chiropractor, wellness counselor, and emotional healer who specializes in transformative holistic health care. Dr. Patton Gibbs graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2009. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 2005 and a certification for Massage Therapy and Bodywork in 1999. She is also certified in Emotional Polarity Technique™, an innovative holistic therapy with over 25 years of clinical success in alleviating depression, anxiety, physical and emotional pain in children and adults. She is a Licensed Chiropractic Physician in North Carolina who specializes in Network Spinal Chiropractic care. Her practice, Feel Better Now, Inc., has been serving the Wilmington area since 2009.

"As a practitioner, my goal is to support a person’s transition into positive permanent life changes. It’s my life’s mission, calling, and passion to bring all of the knowledge imparted to me from my mentors, my life experiences, and the powerful tools I have been entrusted with to help others.

My personal journey has been and continues to be extraordinary! I want to share the ability to have more in life. More than you even imagine possible is available to you if you break old patterns and defense strategies that don’t serve you anymore."

Services Provided::
Network Spinal Chiropractic

NetworkSpinal (NS) is an evidence based chiropractic approach to wellness and body awareness. This approach utilizes the principles of reorganizational healing innate to our nervous system. What the patient experiences is precise gentle touch applied at spinal gateways to cue the brain to develop new strategies for healing. This reorganization of information helps the body disperse energy and tension throughout the system more efficiently. The result is an increased ability for the body to adapt to physical, mental and emotional stress. Assessments are done with each patient, to include monitoring of the spine, body awareness, as well as responsiveness to inner rhythms, tension and ease patterns.Through specific low force touches to the spine, Network Spinal assists the brain in developing new strategies to:

  • Experience the world
  • Adapt to stress
  • Dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
  • Connect with your body’s natural rhythms
  • Experience greater well being
  • Make healthier choices
  • Early in her practice, Dr. Patton Gibbs prided herself on her ability to “rid” people of their pain. She had a lot of excellent tools and training: myofascial release, cupping, trigger point, massage, activator, arthrostim adjustments, manual adjustments, nutrition, and energy and emotional release techniques. She knew pain needed to be addressed from several angles: connective tissue, muscles tissue, bone structure, and emotion. But she noticed a pattern: pain had a way of returning.

    NS incorporates all the necessary components mentioned above, plus spinal cord tension and the need for the exchange of energy (energies). NS has taught her that energy bound in the system and stored as tension is the bodies’ way of trying to preserve energy where it is deficient. If energy is deficient in a system, in a living organism, the system will fail to thrive. The signal to access and liberate stored energy must come from the nervous system and brain. The reasons for binding energy in the first place: response to trauma, conditioning, physical, mental, emotional stress-and the source of energy stored-biophysical, emotional, mental, soul--must be revisited and re-organized for permanent changes to be achieved by the system and in the organism. Once the system becomes more efficient accessing its own bound energy, it is free to develop higher strategies of accessing energy from outside the system.

    Ultimately, the process of transformation, growth and development becomes limitless.

    Wellness Counseling

    Offering a tailored approach to each individual's health and wellness goals, Dr. Patton Gibbs advises on how to implement lifestyle changes that are achievable and highly effective. Incorporating multiple approaches including food sensitivity testing, supplement counseling, and exercise program development, a plan of attainable and powerful steps will be implemented to achieve optimal health and well-being.

    Navigating the world of health and wellness is overwhelming – there is so much amazing information out there! Sometimes, however, information appears to be conflicting and it can become very confusing. This is because one size does not fit all. There is not any one diet or one way to eat, or one exercise plan, or one approach to building better health. Dr. Patton Gibbs advises on how to implement lifestyle changes that are achievable, educating patients on nutrition, supplements, corrective exercises and stress relief. She will develop a plan based on your goals and assess your personal capabilities given your current job/family/health situation. She encourages her patients to make change in multiple stages, to add in and take away in steps, and give them time to try and try again.

    The following is a list of different approaches utilized:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Amino Acid therapy
  • Microbiome Balance
  • Gut-Brain Axis support
  • Exercise program development
  • Supplement counseling
  • Text/Telephone support
  • Emotional Healing

    Emotional Polarity Technique™, (EPT™) is an innovative holistic therapy that combines energy, intuition, and forgiveness to help create more of what you want in life right now. It is a completely different approach to emotional healthcare with over 25 years of clinical success alleviating depression, anxiety, physical and emotional pain in children and adults. It is a sensible strategic way to free yourself and everyone you love of unresolved emotional conflicts that make life difficult. It helps the body and the mind process the adversity in life that causes sickness, chronic pain, and difficult relationships. The immediate result is profound, empowering relief. The long-term result is permanent positive behavior changes, a healthier life, and a better world.

    Email drkristen@feelbetternowchiro.com

    Website www.feelbetternowchiro.com

    Cell: 317.727.9855