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Just surrender…escape from it all with our handmade 100% silk eye pillows.The silk fabric is soft and cooling; the shape of the pillow blocks out light, and unlike a mask, contours to your face, spreading a soothing, gentle weight over and around your eyes, relieving tension and calming active muscles in the eye area. The pillows are filled with flax seeds which have a wonderful ability to store cold; pillows can be refrigerated and used to reduce swelling and puffy eyes.Wonderfully soft and effective for relaxing, resting, meditation, rejuvenating tired eyes, and falling asleep, these eye pillows are available in a variety of patterns.


These handmade soft fleece bags are just the solution for your aches and pains. Heat them in the microwave for no more than two minutes and apply them to your body’s painful areas. The moist heat emitted offers soothing relief to neck or shoulder pain, knee or hip pain, headaches, backaches, arthritic joints, or swollen areas. The bags are an excellent supplement for pain salves and the salves used for chest congestion as their heat boosts the salve’s penetration process. They even make wonderful foot warmers! Rice bags are available in a variety of colors and patterns.


Jung on Death and Immortality
selected and introduced by Jenny Yates, M.A.R., Ph.D.

A collection of Jung's views on death and immortality, showing many of the major themes running throughout these writings. Included are the relativity of space and time surrounding death, the link between transference and death, and the archetypes shared among the world's religions at the depth of Self.


Tiger Balm is a soothing topical ointment containing analgesic properties which work rapidly to counteract pain and discomfort due to conditions such as backaches, arthritis, over-exertion, joint pains, stiffness, and sprains. This unique formulation of herbal ingredients is derived from ancient Chinese sources.


Arnicare is a non-greasy , non-sticky product which offers fast relief of aches and pains while assisting the body's healing process. Arnicare works on a cellular level, actively reducing unsightly bruises and pain from swelling. Because Arnicare can be applied before physical activity or surgery, pain can potentially be minimized and the use of harsh pain medicine potentially avoided.

MA Roller

The MA Roller is a self-massage tool that gently stretches the spine and deeply massages the antigravity paraspinal muscles, like very deep-tissue work.

The MA Roller also stimulates three important lines of energy associated with major acupuncture meridians. Stimulating these meridians opens the chi channels, allowing the body's natural energy reserves to flow freely. As you learn how to use the MA Roller, you relax -- feeling all your tension melt away as the muscular knots dissolve. As your tension disappears, you feel calmer and more energetic. Many people say they discover achy tension areas of which they were unaware before using the MA Roller. As these problem sites resolve, they find themselves accomplishing more with less effort.


Aromastones are electric essential oil diffusers. They are only approximately four inches in diameter, and less than two inches tall. The surface is gently warmed and a few drops of a favorite essential oil is added directly to the surface for the disbursement of fragrance. The lack of fragile glass components, the absence of a candle flame, and its sturdy, stable proportions make this the ideal diffuser for a nursery, a children's room, or a bed table.


Rewined candles are high quality repurposed wine bottle candles with scents that mimic the flavors and aromas found in your favorite wine varietals. The candles are made using all natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and an intoxicating blend of custom designed fragrances.